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Welcome to the Next Revolution in Chicken

At Freebyrd Chicken, we make one thing - damn good chicken. We have started a revolution against the bland and boring. Our menu is full of bold flavors, from our signature Freebyrd Chicken Sandwich dressed with our homemade Alabama white BBQ sauce, to our rich and spicy Nash Vegas Honey Hot Chicken Sandwich served with beer mustard braised onions. We can promise you there is a sandwich on our menu that will make you say that’s “damn good chicken". We do chicken the right way. And if the right way for you is paired with an ice cold beer, we’ve got that too.

You’ll know it when you’ve tried it...that's damn good chicken.



The Bourse - Philly

111 S Independence Mall E

Philadelphia, PA



Eat chicken, raise money

Interested in fundraising with us or want to suggest a good cause for Freebyrd to support?

Raise money for a local charity, PTA, school, youth group, youth athletic team, list goes on! We are proud to serve the old city Philly community we live in and we’re here to help!

Please ask us how you can set up a “dining day” or send all donation requests and opportunities to:



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